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Rent Master Property Management Software

Rent Master is a simple property management software developed to assist the Real Estate industry players like landlords, real estate agents, tenants & many more.
The system has an integrated mechanism that automates all the tedious & repetitive operations to allow faster turnaround of business. Rent invoices are automatically generated on the 1st day of the Month. Penalties for late payments after the scheduled Deadline date are also automated. This guarantees maximum returns & transparency.

The system runs on a web-based platform. It can run from the cloud or even when installed within your own premises. This platform also allows Rent Master to have massive scalability & inter operability since it can be accessed from any corner of the world using any device medium as long as a working internet connection is guaranteed.
You will no longer need to call or visit the office to check critical reports such as latest rent payments, current bank balances, late payment defaulters, due invoices, pending works & repairs etc. All this information will be available at the click of a button or swipe of your smartphone or tablet.
This will all be in Real Time too. No more waiting for your local bank to send you the statements. Payments via M-pesa & selected Banks will be automatically recorded into the system the moment a tenant completes a transaction.
Using Rent Master allows you to perform quick transactions by using the bulk payments & bulk invoicing modules so as to speed up transactions in the system.

Cloud Property Management Software

Latest Innovations on Rent Master.

Rent Master is equipped to serve under all environments. This includes the management of exclusive apartments, block of flats, city estates, housing projects, gated estates, property developers, student hostels, leasing out of commercial shops & office space per square foot, leasing out of warehouses & other storage facilities like silos etc.

The system has a fully fledged accounting module that will do all the necessary tabulations & generate all the relevant accounting reports such as the Cashbook, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss (Income Statement) & Ageing Creditors & Debtors reports.

To achieve accurate financial reports, the property management software is equipped with an Expenses module for the capture of all monies going out to pay for bills, services & other critical expenses borne by the commercial agency or landlord so as to aid in gauging how the firm is faring.

Finally, Rent Master automates the calculations for agency fees, any advances paid to landlords statutory deductions like the Rental Income Tax by the Kenya Revenue Authority, KRA & gets you the balances due to a specific landlord irrespective of the number of properties recorded. The system also has a fully functioning Loan Module to cater for advance payments sent to landlords before the payment of their rent collections at an agreed interest rate.


The Latest Real Estate Property Manager Features.

Smart Rent Master Features

Automated Communication To Tenants, Landlords
The system can send an email or SMS to a tenant on receiving a payment for a pending bill. Landlords can also get messages regarding disbursements of the rent collections to their respective accounts.
Easy Invoice & Payment Tracking
Rent Master is equipped with a stealth search algorithm that makes it simple to look up an invoice or payment when need be. All invoices & Payments can easily get traced at the click of a button.
Dashboard Alerts
Get all the relevant information on your operations from the moment you login. The software avails a list of vacant properties, pending invoices, completed invoices & partially paid invoices.
Multi Scalability & Interoperability
The system has no limitations on the number of properties, tenants or landlords that can be created. For example, Landlords with multiple properties, Tenants with multiple rental units within the same or different properties etc.
Financial Clarity
Reports like the Delinquency & Compliance reports, Unit Status reports are critical in the cash-flow analysis to check the firm's effectiveness.

Real Estate Software Benefits.

Benefits Of The Rent Master System.

Reduction of Paperwork & Phone Calls.            Cloud Install Ensures Faster Results.

Data Analysis For Better Decision Making.            Operation Reports & Statements.

SMS & Email Notifications On Request.            Multi Branch Setup Support.

Accessible On Mobile Devices & Computers.            Data Encryption & Protection To Secure Data.

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