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SaccoTek Real Estate Management Software

SaccoTek is an integrated real estate management information system that runs on a web-based platform.
It can run from the cloud or even when installed within your own premises.
The system is equipped with Modern Modules such as an Automated Certificate Generator for Share Capital
certificates and Plot certificates.
This certificate is also available to members & clients via the mobile portal that can be accessed by a normal
mobile device with an Internet Connection.

The software also avails critical features such as payment vouchers and petty cash requisitions all linked to
the main General Ledger. Another critical addition is the capturing of Sales Agents who earn commissions
based on the number of plots they sell.
This means the system will accurately calculate the commissions due based on real-time data and avail the
relevant reports promptly.

All Critical data that requires to be worked on is always available & displayed in summary form on the system dashboard that is
automatically viewed once you login. This includes alerts like vacant plots, assigned plots, sold plots, current monthly income,
expenses & also contribution totals from members/clients.
You can also get crucial reports on plot debtors & their status for example plot price lists, defaulted plot payments, cost of sales
reports & even recently completed transactions.

Modules That Stand Out For Us

SaccoTek Software Core Modules

The software has been built on Eight (8) main modules that formulate the core basis of its design & operations. These modules are :
Property Module - Centers on four core principles, namely: Property Acquisition, Property Demarcation, Property Allocation, Property Disposal & finally Property Accounting.
Asset Register Module - Keeps track of all acquired Assets, their Depreciation & Net Book Value.
Cash Book Module - Captures all Receivables & Payables like Land Payments, Title Fees, Income & Expenses.
Check Off Module - Automates the drawing up Standing Orders From an Employer's Payroll reducing the Time & Workload.
Email & SMS Module - Manages Communication With Members to confirm payments or even issue reminders like New offers.
General Ledger Module - Generates Financial Reports & Statements Like the Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Cash Flow,
Ageing Creditors & Debtors Reports etc.
Member Online Portal Module - Provides Members with Secure Access to their Account Balances & Statements, Plot Balances & Statements via their mobile phones or tablet devices.
Member Personal Account Module - Captures All relevant information relating to Members like their Biodata, Next of kin, Plot Offer Applications & Payment history.

Special Mention On Our Property Management Module

SaccoTek Property & Real Estate Breakdown

This module has been engineered to meet all criteria envisaged in a real estate environment. It is split into four phases;
1.) Property Acquisition
2.) Property Demarcation
3.) Property Allocation
4.) Property Disposal
5.) Property Accounting
Property Acquisition
Involves the process of registering all properties whether new or existing to the system whilst recording the initial costs that
were incurred in the purchasing stages. These include the land/property cost, taxes accrued & legal charges involved for
the acquisition to be completed.
Property Demarcation
Caters for the division of the property into the preferred units of sale with each unit bearing a unique identification serial number/code.
This includes the sub-division of land parcels into small sizes of one-eighth, quarter or half units of measurements.
For developed Real Estate units like buildings, you can initialize the units into different sizes of housing units.
These include commercial shops, one bedroom, two bedroom or even office spaces based on the per meter square basis.

Property Management Module Part II

Property Allocation
Involves the assigning of the unique units to a member or shareholder of the company. This application will instantly mark off
the unit as reserved thereby preventing any future mix-up when allocating vacant units.
Property Disposal
This is the final step as it involves the payment & transfer of a unit to the member or shareholder who was allocated the
property in the previous stage. It is after this point that a title deed or share certificate can be issued to the buyer.
Also, the status of the said unit automatically changes to sold-out within the system. It is important to note that this step
cannot be completed until the full payment has been received & confirmed within the system.
Property Accounting
Provides you with access to dynamic reports & statements regarding all the properties registered in the system.
This allows for accurate analysis while evaluating the viability of a project & in reporting the profitability of every property unit.
The system calculates all associated cost in developing & selling every single property unit.
Mapping costs against the selling prices generates insightful reports for the organization.
From here you can easily generate reports on vacant properties, reserved properties, assigned & sold out properties all
at a touch of a button.
There also exists an option of including geographical information on the location of a property.

The Latest Real Estate Management Software Features.

Key Features Of The System

Data Encryption & Security
Our system deploys an Advanced Data Encryption Algorithm tool that promotes fool-proof Data Protection & enables Data Integrity.
System Security is Paramount
The system requires all users to be assigned to a specific user group that has different rights & permissions allocated to each.
Comprehensive Regulatory Reports
The software is integrated with numerous statutory reports & financial statements that are all exportable to Word, Excel or PDF.
Financial Accounting is our Forte
The system has a Maker-Checker workflow meaning that for each transaction, at least two individuals are necessary for its completion.
Paybill Automation
The system can receive payment notifications from your M-Pesa Paybill Account & save you precious time used in data entry.
SaccoTek is IFRS 9 Compliant
IFRS 9 directs how a Real Estate firm classifies & measures financial assets, financial liabilities & contracts to buy or sell non-financial items.
Notification Alerts Module
The system can send automated reminders for contribution notifications, reminders on plot payments or any other relevant communication.

Housing Cooperative Management Information Software Benefits.

Benefits Of SaccoTek System.

Data Encryption & Protection To Secure Data.            Internal Audit & Controls For Transparency.

Time Savings On Searches & Data Retrieval.            Automatic Backup & Restore Tool.

System Scalability & Operations is Unlimited.            24 / 7 Online Client Support.

Accessible On Mobile Devices & Computers.            Easily Integrates with our Payroll & Inventory Software.

Accurate Calculations Of Plot Commissions.            Synchronized with M-Pesa & Select Bank Networks.

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