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Have you heard of K-POS ERP?

What is ERP?

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning.
Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERPs) is a customizable software product optimized for organizations to assist in the daily operations in their business scope. This can include activities such as business intelligence, business analytics, compliance & risk assessment, financial accounting, human resource & supply chain management. Our ERP system has been developed with a centralized data repository as the core foundation on its work-flow & engineering.

This means everything that is input into its database is unique & serialized. This will ensure the sharing & transmission of the same data across multiple system users who belong to different departments within the same organization without any fear of duplication.
Using this schema, the system can accurately organize, process & generate a variety of reports & statements all at the click of a button.

A vital module within the system is the Production costs module. This is used to set aside the costs of production of each individual product against the profit generated. This report produces a report outlining the products that are fast moving, products that are not breaking even and products that are not feasible to continue production/selling. You can also get features like Stock Returns, Distributor replacements, Inventory Returns, Sales by Personnel, Sales by products and many more.
Other important reports that can be accessed within the software include the VAT Input & VAT Output report, Commissions reports for your sales teams, expenditure reports for fuel, motor vehicles and other regular accounts, pending Local Purchase Orders and Personnel reports etc.

ERP Features

K-POS ERP Features.

Financial Accounting & Billing
K-POS ERP outputs unlimited capabilities to automate & consolidate all financial management processes.
Human Resource Management
The ERP software is customized to handle all factors like automation of pay slips, leave applications
& even statutory deductions.
Project Management
We integrate project analysis, project tasks, project portfolios, milestones & resources to achieve project
execution in a timely manner.
Procurement Management
K-POS automates for all procurement operations thereby, increasing speed & profitability.
Sales & Inventory Management
The ERP system manages sales related accounting procedures such as invoices, orders, debtors & creditors.
Our Inventory module keeps accurate records of stock & asset issues while tracking usage & movements easily.

Why You Truly Need K-POS?

Benefits of K-POS ERP Software.

Precision Oversight

Inventory pilferage, Data Manipulation by staff & Automatic alerts for Re-stocking critical goods.


This platform makes it adaptable to different devices & available in any location all over the world.


The Software can be accessed from any mobile device with a working
internet connection.

Data Security

K-POS has multiple access control & security mechanisms to prevent data theft, unauthorized access etc.

Business Analytics

K-POS is optimized to generate reports like the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Income Statement, Trial Balance etc.

Smart Technology

With K-POS, you are assured of free automatic updates on the latest developments in the technology front.

Applications & Industries Working With K-POS ERP.

Human Resource Management - Payroll & Leave Management, Work Attendance & Statutory Deductions.

E-Commerce - Online Retail & Wholesale Companies.

Manufacturing - Assembly Lines, Dairy Farms, Processing Companies & Distributors.

Risk Management - Insurance Brokerage Firms.

Services - Parcel Delivery, Taxi Hailing Apps, Trucking Companies, Water & Sewerage Companies.

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