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Kangai Facts

We are Proud of our few Milestones this far.

23Innovation Awards

43Counties Visited

63Huge Partnerships

93Random Road Trips

We might be an upcoming firm but the targets we set for ourselves are always aimed at either setting the bar higher than we found it or breaking ceilings.

From the onset we have never settled for Basic, Just Fine or OK. We always strive to instill the maximum effort & hard work in our endeavors.

Over the past years, we have been blessed to cross various county lines and even country borders in our efforts to add one more client to our loving family of Kangai. Over these trips you eventually get to take in the beauty that Kenya is as a country.

This is the reason you will find some of the Wild featuring on our website as a tribute to the wild animals and their natural habitat that we as a company hope to assist in its conservation in one way or another as part of our dutiful Corporate Social Responsibility virtues.

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