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What is K-AFYA?

K-AFYA is an advanced Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) that has been developed with the foresight of tackling all
challenges that are experienced in operating a health facility.
The system is equipped with integrated modules that aid it to cater for major operations such as administration, compliance and finance.

The one thing that makes our software product stand out from the rest is its Dynamism.
Therefore, it can be deployed in all types of facilities, for example, from a Level 5 hospital to the small dispensary serving your local community.

The system has been designed to fully integrate with the local environment in mind.
This means the system will adapt seamlessly to all manner of conditions and operations that medical centers in the region are working under.
This is due to the fact that the software is 100% customizable to meet each facility’s required needs.

K-AFYA has excelled as a dependable hospital management information system by improving the quality of all medical services, reduction of operation costs by minimizing the usage of paperwork and improvement of hospital revenue collection by closing all loop holes used to misappropriate the hospital funds.



K-AFYA has a number of critical and optional modules and features that form the foundation of the system architecture and modeling.
Click on any of the modules on the list below to view more details on their main features & operations.


1. Patient Registration & Triage Module

The first step in the registration process in the K-AFYA system involves the capture of personal data from the patient.
This data comprises of biometric data such as full names, ID or Passport numbers, Age, Contact details, Gender, Residence,
Passport Photo and lastly the Next of kin details.

Each patient gets a unique patient code assigned to their account by the system.
This code together with the biometric data recorded can be used to search for information regarding the patient within the system.
Next, the Triage phase comes in where the patients vitals such as the body temperature, blood pressure, weight among others are recorded.

Once this information has been recorded, the system will automatically queue the patient to the doctor's schedule of patient visitors.
This queue will have critical data like the patient's full names, the patient code and even the amount of time waiting on the queue.
The queue system can be integrated further to be displayed on a television set placed on the waiting lobby.
This is so as to help patients check on the doctor's schedule and check on their turn.


2. Outpatient Module

The outpatient module is responsible for recording all interactions between the patient and a doctor.
This information is comprised of chief complaints by the patient, examination findings and investigations,
history of presenting illness (HPI), patient diagnosis, doctors summary and patient allergies recorded.

The doctor can also select the diagnosis from a ICD 10/ ICD 11 compliant diagnosis selection input module.
In cases where the patient is back for a review from a previous visit to the hospital, the system has availed a quick button
that enables the doctor to view the Patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

The Patient Electronic Medical Records (EMR) acts like a data bank for the patient.
This ensures that their data is available to all other departments within the hospital at the click of a button.
The outpatient module also avails laboratory test results to the doctor all at a click of a button.
The doctor can then review the patient's case file or even review the drugs he/she had sought to prescribe.

Why You Truly Need K-POS?

Benefits of K-POS ERP Software.

Precision Oversight

Inventory pilferage, Data Manipulation by staff & Automatic alerts for Re-stocking critical goods.


This platform makes it adaptable to different devices & available in any location all over the world.


The Software can be accessed from any mobile device with a working
internet connection.

Data Security

K-POS has multiple access control & security mechanisms to prevent data theft, unauthorized access etc.

Business Analytics

K-POS is optimized to generate reports like the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Income Statement, Trial Balance etc.

Smart Technology

With K-POS, you are assured of free automatic updates on the latest developments in the technology front.

Applications & Industries Working With K-POS ERP.

Human Resource Management - Payroll & Leave Management, Work Attendance & Statutory Deductions.

E-Commerce - Online Retail & Wholesale Companies.

Manufacturing - Assembly Lines, Dairy Farms, Processing Companies & Distributors.

Risk Management - Insurance Brokerage Firms.

Services - Parcel Delivery, Taxi Hailing Apps, Trucking Companies, Water & Sewerage Companies.

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